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Rockland Road to Perform at KESC 2022!!

Exciting News!!!

This year after the banquet Nashville Recording Artist "Rockland Road" will perform. The country-pop band with a 6-part powerhouse harmony and R&B influence will take the stage after the awards presentation.

Rockland's Paul Martin is a Grammy-winning artist who was the lead singer/guitarist of country-pop supergroup Exile. Jamie Allen is the daughter of Duane Allen, a member of Country Music Hall of Fame gospel group The Oak Ridge Boys, and Grand Ole Opry background singer Norah Lee Allen.

Rockland Road has six musicians who share the last name Martin, representing four generations of musical heritage. All of them are vocalists that play 23 different instruments.

We can't wait to see you this year at the 2022 KESC!!! Registration will open soon!!

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